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What do most Canadians and most celebrities have in common, besides being extremely talented?

Both groups are stoners for the most part, so you can only imagine how much a Canadian celebrity more than likely loves smoking weed. Not only does Canada produce some of the best marijuana plants on the planet, but she also has produced some of the most high-level performers in their respective fields, whether it be comedy, music, rap, acting, or any other creative endeavor. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of five of Canada’s most famous stoners and their favorite strains!


Noah “40” Shebib Talks 'Views From the 6,' DJ Premier & Weed With B-Real |  HWING

OVO 40, or just 40, is a Canadian music producer most famous for the plethora of hit-songs he’s created alongside Drake. On top of being heavily involved in Hip-Hop culture, which has its strong connections to cannabis culture already, 40 also suffers from multiple sclerosis, something marijuana helps him deal with. 40 has gone on record before stating that Bullrider, AKA Afghani Bullrider, is his favorite strain of Mary-Janes, and it’s easy to see why. With quite a few myths circulating about its original appearance, Bullrider blew up in San Diego before spreading across the West Coast and Canada. Bullrider has light green buds with orange hairs, smells and tastes sweet, sour, and piney, and boosts creativity. The bud has become so popular that 40 and Drake created an entire cannabis company named after it.

Homegrown Business: Introducing BLLRDR cannabis


Justin Bieber posta álbum de fotos celebrando o Dia da Maconha - Quem |  QUEM News

“I got my Peaches out in Georgia, I get my weed from California”. More infamous and true words may have never been spoken in song before, as Justin Bieber has in fact released his own line of cannabis products called Peaches. Justin Bieber not only uses Mary-Jane for creativity but for medicinal purposes as well. On top of his various personal health problems over the years, Bieber is an advocate for marijuana helping with mental health, and wanted to do something that helps destigmatize cannabis culture. Biebs created an indica-sativa hybrid that comes in packs of seven, 0.5 gram, pre-rolled joints. The strains contain fruit and citrus-forward terpenes, hence the name Peaches, and at, we have something similar in stock with Bieber in mind. General Admission’s Peach Rings Distillate Infused Pre-Rolls are dusted in premium kief, and come in either single, 1 gram joints, or packs of three, 0.5 gram joints.

Peach Ringz Distillate Infused Pre-Roll | Ontario Cannabis Store



Seth Rogen smokes weed 'all day every day' and says it's as important as  'wearing shoes' - Daily Star

Big shocker: Seth Rogen has his own weed brand called Houseplant with multiple strains of herbs. Pancake Ice, Pink Moon, and Rainband have all been rolled out, but none as popular as Diablo Wind. Not only is Diablo Wind Seth Rogen’s own creation, but it’s also the comedic actor's personal favorite strain to smoke. Coincidence, I think not. That aside, Diablo Wind is a sativa that helps with stress and PTSD and has an energizing effect. Diablo is a genetic cross between Jack Herer and G13 Haze, and before trying an amalgamation of both, why not try each strain individually first? Fleur de L’Ile offers seven, 0.5 gram pre-rolls of Jack Herer for $18.99, which you can find here. 

Jack Herer Pre-Roll | Ontario Cannabis Store


Why Actor Jim Belushi Traded Hollywood for a Pot Farm in Southern Oregon |  Portland Monthly

Famed Canadian SNL star and Blues Brother Dan Aykroyd has teamed up with his late co-star John Belushi’s brother, Jim Belushi, in a cannabis venture. Aykroyd and Belushi created a strain called, well, Blues Brothers, which is a cross between Bubba Kush and Triangle Kush. Claiming they’re on a “mission from God” and that “marijuana heals”— Amen brothers — Dan and Jim started the company Grassroots and tout their Blues Brothers strain for its high level of mind-altering THC. There’s no better way to smoke Kush than in a blunt, and has you covered. Grip a RAD Reserve Bubba Kush Blunt or an eighth of BC Black’s Black Kettle Farms: Triangle Kush online today.

Bubba Kush Blunt (Rad Doobies Reserve) • Wiid Boutique Inc.

Triangle Kush



Ryan Reynolds: The charismatic actor and versatile star taking Hollywood by  storm | Fox News

Now to be perfectly honest, Ryan Reynolds has never gone on record stating which particular strain is his favorite, but he has publicly stated that he enjoys marijuana, and is even producing a Home Alone, stoner, parody movie called “Stoned Alone”. Home Alone stars MAC-aulay Culkin, who plays Kevin MAC-Callister, and before the burglars show up to his house, Kevin eats a microwavable mac and cheese dinner… therefore I chose Potluck’s Mac and Cheese for this entry. Stoned Alone is a movie about a stoner who has to fight off home invaders while he’s high, and you’ll more than likely want to blaze up before seeing the flick. Try out seven grams of this sativa-dominant flower known for its creamy cheese flavours.

Potluck - Mac and Cheese

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