Why you arent getting high and what to do

Jeremy Bouvet
Why you arent getting high and what to do

So that same half a puff of a  cannabis joint isn't having the desired effects for you?

Unless you’re consuming poor quality weed, not actually inhaling, or have some kind of medical condition, you may have developed a tolerance to cannabis. This is especially likely to be the case if you’re a long time cannabis consumer. 

When cannabis is consumed on the daily, your body develops a tolerance to its psychoactive compounds. This means that the same amount of cannabis will produce a weaker effect or require higher doses to achieve the desired level of intoxication or therapeutic benefits.

Tolerance occurs because the body adapts to the presence of THC by downregulating cannabinoid receptors, ultimately reducing their sensitivity to the compound. As a result, individuals may need to consume larger amounts of cannabis or more potent strains to experience the same level of euphoria, pain relief, relaxation, or other effects that they initially obtained with smaller doses.

Cannabis tolerance can vary among individuals based on several factors, including genetics, frequency of use, consumption method, and overall health. Seasoned users, particularly those who consume cannabis daily or multiple times a day, are more likely to develop tolerance faster than occasional or infrequent users.

Cannabis tolerance can be reversible

Taking a break from cannabis use, often referred to as a "tolerance break" or "T-break," allows the body to readjust and regain sensitivity to the effects of THC. The duration of a tolerance break can vary depending on the individual, but typically a few days to several weeks of abstinence can lead to a reduction in tolerance.

Managing cannabis tolerance is crucial for individuals who want to maintain the desired effects without constantly increasing their cannabis consumption. 

  • Practice moderation
  • Use lower-potency strains or products
  • Rotate different strains, 
  • Take regular breaks to allow the body to reset its sensitivity to THC. 

In addition to obvious and physiological reasons for not getting high, there are a couple of other factors to consider. Perhaps your method of consumption isn’t right. The market is filled with a myriad of ways in which one can consume cannabis.

If regular joints don’t work for you, try one that is more potent.

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Experimenting with different dosages can also lead to different effects.

The lightly-sweet blueberry acai soft chews by Dyna Thrive contain 25mg of CBD per piece, and can be a useful tool to consume when trying to lay off of THC products.

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Concentrates pack a punch.

Potluck’s Grape Jelly vape pen features 90% THC and is easy to dose.

Start low and Keep track of how much you consume to maintain control over your dosage.

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This will help you establish your personal tolerance and find the optimal amount that suits your preferences. 

If you've tried adjusting your cannabis use and still find it ineffective, it may be helpful to consult with a healthcare professional who specializes in cannabis medicine. Like a skilled budtender, they can provide personalized advice and suggest alternative options.

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