From Legacy to Legal: Unraveling the Journey of Ghost Drops

Jeremy Bouvet
From Legacy to Legal: Unraveling the Journey of Ghost Drops

In the dynamic world of cannabis, a remarkable transformation is taking place as legacy brands pave their way into the legal distribution.

These brands, born in the underground cannabis community, have now emerged as elite players, earning respect and recognition in the legal landscape. In this series, we explore the fascinating stories of these brands, starting with Ghost Drops, an iconic legacy cannabis brand with a compelling journey into the legal market.


Ghost Drops: A Legendary Legacy

Ghost Drops - Canada's Premium Cannabis Brand %u2013 Green Gold Canada Inc.  LIC-U2Z1KFS1F7-2022-4Ghost Drops holds a special place in the hearts of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Founded by a group of passionate individuals deeply rooted in the legacy cannabis community, Ghost Drops rose to prominence through its dedication to sourcing and curating premium and exotic cannabis strains. The brand became synonymous with excellence, offering connoisseurs access to rare and exclusive cannabis cultivars that were hard to find elsewhere.


In the underground cannabis scene, Ghost Drops was celebrated for its unwavering commitment to quality, potency, and authenticity. Building an impressive repertoire in tandem with preferences and particularities of the market, the brand's legacy was built on trust, as it consistently delivered top-notch products that captivated cannabis enthusiasts with their unique terpene profiles and rich flavors.

Ghost Drops First Class Funk Review - Body and Spirit Cannabis

The Transition to the Legal Market

As Canada embraced legal cannabis, Ghost Drops faced a defining moment in its journey. The transition from the unregulated legacy market to the legal landscape presented both challenges and opportunities. The founders of Ghost Drops seized the chance to channel their expertise and passion for cannabis into a fully legal and compliant operation.

Launching into the Legal Market.

Ghost Drops deftly navigated the complexities of the market, establishing itself as an elite cannabis brand platform. With a focus on legacy players, the brand not only preserved its roots but also provided a gateway for legacy growers and cultivators to showcase their craft in the legal space.

Embracing its legacy and expertise, Ghost Drops emerged as a platform to elevate artisanal cannabis growers, supporting them in becoming licensed cultivators under the legal framework. This unique approach allowed legacy growers to bring their exceptional products to a broader audience while adhering to regulatory standards and compliance.

How our drops work | Ghost Drops – Green Gold Canada Inc.  LIC-U2Z1KFS1F7-2022-4

One of the core pillars of Ghost Drops' success was its unwavering commitment to maintaining the trust and loyalty of its community. Through the transition to the legal market, the brand prioritized preserving the essence of its legacy, ensuring that its product curation and quality remained unparalleled.

Ghost Drops continued to cater to cannabis connoisseurs, offering carefully curated strains that not only satisfied the palate but also embodied the legacy and expertise that the brand was renowned for.

Embracing the legal landscape, Ghost Drops adopted innovative and responsible business practices to thrive in the regulated market. The brand navigated the complexities of licensing, testing, and compliance, positioning itself as a symbol of reliability and excellence within the legal cannabis industry.

Today, Ghost Drops continues to make its mark as one of Canada's most iconic legacy cannabis brands that successfully transitioned into the legal market. Its journey stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of legacy brands, who have risen to the occasion, embraced the legal framework, and continued to deliver exceptional cannabis experiences to their devoted community of enthusiasts.


The Series:

In this series, we celebrate the remarkable stories of legacy cannabis brands that have made the legal transition. Each brand carries its unique story, reflecting the rich history and vibrant culture of the cannabis community. As they carve their path in the legal landscape, these brands serve as a source of inspiration, uniting the legacy and legal cannabis worlds, and redefining the future of cannabis in Canada.

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