Is the New PuffCo Peak Pro Worth Buying?

Is the New PuffCo Peak Pro Worth Buying?

Puffco Peak Pro: A Step Ahead in the World of Vaporizers

The vaporizer industry is one that thrives on innovation, with each year bringing about significant advancements. In the limelight for its latest product is the Los Angeles-based company, Puffco. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in July, Puffco released a redesigned version of its flagship device, the Puffco Peak Pro, setting a new standard for "out of the box" experience. However, it's important to delve deeper to understand its features and what makes it stand out.

New PuffCo Peak Pro

Revamped Features in the 2023 Puffco Peak Pro

One of the remarkable changes in the latest version of the Peak Pro is the inclusion of the 3D chamber, a feature that previous Puffco Peak users often upgraded to. This chamber provides a more robust vaporizing experience. In addition, the inclusion of an upgraded carb cap as standard equipment further elevates the device's performance.

In terms of design, the Peak Pro boasts a new five-hole percolator in its glass top bubbler, promising cooler and more extensive hits. Interestingly, even with an unchanged air pathway size in the base, users can immediately discern the heightened 'chug' upon testing the water level.

Further additions include a redesigned base with a softer rubber grip, ensuring a more comfortable and secure handling experience. Customers can also choose from two new finishes: Onyx and Pearl. In a bid to maintain consistency, Puffco updated its Hot Knife and Travel Pack to mirror these finishes.

The ball cap, which many users might find familiar with handheld controllers, has undergone a significant transformation, now resembling “The Joystick.” This new design eschews the previous single-carb glass in favor of a metal, four-carb post, ensuring a tighter seal.

The 3DXL Chamber: A Game-Changer

New Peak Pro 2023 Release - Vapefiend UK

Debuting in August, the 3DXL chamber is a noteworthy upgrade. Retailing at $125, this chamber is a whopping 78% bigger, ensuring a more impactful experience for users. Accompanied by a deeper chamber and the "joystick" cap, this feature also unlocks a super-chug mode in the Puffco app, allowing for double the vapor than its predecessors.

Additionally, the 3DXL chamber has been designed meticulously to prevent spillage into the device's internal vapor path, a noteworthy feature ensuring the device's longevity.

User Experience and Customizability

Puffco New Peak Pro 2023 - Smart Rig

While the Peak Pro functions similarly to its previous iterations, the inclusion of new firmware and the 3D chamber introduces users to the "disco mode" heating update. Through the app, users can now also adjust the vapor output for each heating setting. Puffco highlights that the vapor control feature ensures maximum energy is transferred into the bowl before dabbing, increasing the potential surface area for vaporization.

As a cherry on top, the Onyx and Pearl versions come equipped with an inhale function, offering users a personalized light show as they take a hit.

Final Thoughts

For current Peak Pro owners, the allure of the new version lies in the percolating glass and the joystick. However, for newcomers, the new $420 package is a must-have, providing an unmatched experience without the hassle of pondering over upgrades. The 3DXL atomizer, priced at $125, promises an experience like no other, especially for fans in pursuit of voluminous clouds.

In conclusion, with the release of the Puffco Peak Pro, the company has further solidified its place in the vaporizer industry. The device, with its myriad of enhancements and revamped features, offers a premium experience, making it a must-have for both newbies and seasoned users.

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