Other Countries You Can Find Canadian Cannabis In

Evan Doherty
Other Countries You Can Find Canadian Cannabis In

Some things are never as great as they are back home.

If your go-to strain is Canadian, you’re in luck! Other countries with their own legalized markets offer Canadian cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.

Moving to a new country or going on vacation is very exciting. You shouldn’t let missing your favourite strain prevent you from having a good time or feeling better. Most countries are in the early stages of legalization. However, Canada remains one of the biggest importers of Canada in the world regarding the legalized market. 

Are you ready to take a trip around the world? Here is Kindling’s guide to Canadian cannabis around the world.


Czech Republic

Czechs Go to Pot | Balkan Insight

Along with European counterparts, the Czech Republic is looking to Canada to provide safe cannabis for medical purposes. The recent decision will allow individuals to use with permission from the country’s Ministry of Health.

The country receives imports of Canadian cannabis from Canopy Growth, who has a large portiolio of brands such as Tweed, Wana, Deep Space.


Germany to legalize cannabis use for recreational purposes

In 2023, Germany’s cabinet passed a bill that legalized recreational use and cultivation of cannabis, It's expected to be official later in the year.

Oversupply is an issue in Canada and sending products to Germany would solve this problem because the market is larger, and Canada is the country’s main supplier. 

The recent announcement is great news for Canadian cannabis producers like Tilray who already has their European headquarters in Germany. Tilray is behind brands such as Good Supply, Broken Coast, and Solei


Israel closer to decriminalising personal use of cannabis – The Australian  Jewish News

Meanwhile, over the Middle East, Canadian cannabis products are starting to arrive in Israel. Canadian favourites Pure Sunfarms & Blk Mkt began shipping such products at the beginning of 2023. 

Beginning on December 29, 2023, patients will no longer require a license to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. It will make it easier to use cannabis medicinally in the country and is a big step forward. 


Some of Canada’s top strain genetics have made their way down under. If you are a medicinal cannabis user heading to Australia, there is now a legal way to get your fix.

Beacon Medical Australia is educating and getting feedback from patients and physicians about Canadian cannabis products. By collecting such data, the market can continue to expand and benefit patients across the ocean. 

Australian Weed: Everything You Need to Know

New Zealand

New Zealand - What you need to know before you go – Go Guides

New Zealand is also utilizing Canadian cannabis in its medicinal capacity. The island nation trusts its fellow Commonwealth country to provide top-quality products.

Canada imports cannabis products for medicinal purposes. One of the country’s best known Canadian cannabis importers is MedReleaf, Which is under Aurora Cannabis' medical brand portfolio.  All products in the country must be approved by the Health Ministry for use in New Zealand. 


Why the first country to legalize marijuana might give up - Vox

Did you know Uraguay is the only country that legalized cannabis before Canada? It should come as no surprise that this South American nation benefits from Canadian products. 

In 2020, Canadian company, Boreal opened a plant that processes hemp for medicinal purposes. If you are looking for topicals in Uraguay, you will feel right at home. Additionally, recreational use was legalized in 2013.

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