Review: Jean Guy Preroll 1 Gram by Good Supply

Jeremy Bouvet
Review: Jean Guy Preroll 1 Gram by Good Supply



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1 Gram Pre-Roll


Jean Guy



Package Date

 Jun 6, 2023





Total Terpenes

The package doesn't say

Top Terpenes

Package doesn't say, but the website claims its Caryophyllene, Guaiol, Limonene



Aroma & Flavour

Not much, Piney if anything. Super muted.  



The high hit fast, decently hard too but faded extremely fast. More in the head than the body, was still able to get what i needed done after smoking it. Wouldn't say it hits nearly as hard as some other sativas, Nothing close to Sage n Sour from MTL cannabis.



Was rolled almost perfect, unlike alot of pre-rolls that come in super tight and mess up the airflow. It could've been slightlyyyyyyyy tighter, but a nearly perfect preroll. 


Didn't expect that it would be an insanely white ash, thought it would've been pretty dark. But, cant lie - the salt and pepper ash was strong throughout. Definitely not black.

Smoking Experience 

The burn was better than expected, only downside was that it left a bit of a sting in the back of the throat on bigger pulls. The joint lasted a while, and had a slight oil ring basically from start to finish. The lack of flavour definitely made it less enjoyable.


It makes sense why this is such a popular buy, for the price point it honestly isn't terrible. There isn't any terp profile to excite the consumers who know their stuff, but for the average person who just wants to smoke something during the day this is a solid buy. The roll is better than some of what we’ve seen from craft companies, so we’ll give them that.

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