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Hush Kush Small Smell Proof Bag

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HANDMADE IN CANADA, USING PERMA-B TECHNOLOGY: Each carrying storage of the Hush-Kush TM brand is strengthened using a unique process in this industry, consisting of coating the inner surface of each product with a Beeswax based compound of natural ingredients. SMELL PROOF & WATERPROOF : When folded or rolled, the inside beeswax based Perma-B technology blocks the smell from coming out. This sustainable and natural protection is also waterproof, keeping the freshness in and any spillage out. BIODEGRADABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY, WASHABLE & REUSABLE : 100% cotton fabric, the interior coating consists of an all-natural-ingredient mixture. A waxed and unbleached hemp cord secures the closing of the pouch. Keep it clean: hand-wash it in lukewarm water if needed. SIZE CUSTOMIZABLE & DISCREET : This pouch can be folded to be adapted to the size of your joints. You can easily fit 5 King Size or Regular Size! LIGHTWEIGHT & CONFORTABLE : Only 17g, easily fits it in your shirt pocket, jeans pocket, backpack, purse or yoga pants.