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Jane & Juice - 2112 - The Dream Singles | 1ml

Jane & Juice - 2112 - The Dream Singles | 1ml

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Fast acting water soluble cannabinoid blend in a 2:1:1:2 THC:CBG:CBN:CBD ratio.

CBD 11.0 mg

THC 10.0 mg

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Fast acting 'Quickvibe' water soluble, multi-use oral infusion in a resealable and doseable ampule. The Dream is a unique liquid blend containing THC, CBG, CBN, and CBD extracts in a 2:1:1:2 ratio containing 10 mg of THC and CBD and 5 mg of CBG and CBN. This liquid formulation is all natural, has no sweeteners or flavours, and combines major and minor cannabinoids to produce a perfect blend. This versatile product can be taken orally on its own, applied to any food, or enjoyed with your favourite beverage.

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