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Pure Sunfarms - Afghan Kush Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

Pure Sunfarms - Afghan Kush Pre-Roll | 3x0.5g

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Whole flower pre-rolls with flavours of musk, sandalwood, and strawberries.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 22.0 %

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Afghan Kush single strain pre-rolls are made with all-natural BC-grown whole flower. No trim. No shake. An indica-dominant strain that originated in Asia’s Hindu Kush mountain region, Afghan Kush offers notes of white musk (myrcene), sandalwood (caryophyllene), and strawberries (linalool). Featuring natural paper, each joint is finished with a twisted end, preventing spillage, and acting as a convenient wick. Three x 0.5g pre-rolls in a reusable, recyclable tube.

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1.5 g





  • Caryophyllene

    Anti-anxiety, Sleep, Euphoria

    Present in black pepper, oregano, basil and many other herbs and spices.

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  • Myrcene

    Sleep, Inflammation, Anxiety

    Sweet, earthy, and spicy notes. Aids in sleep, inflammation, and anxiety.

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