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Redecan - Warlock Redees Pre-Roll | 10x0.4g

Redecan - Warlock Redees Pre-Roll | 10x0.4g

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Redee to be enjoyed – Redecan Warlock is a magical strain elevated by skunky undertones with fragrant fruity, sweet and sour nuances.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 24.0 %

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Redees by Redecan are a premium pre-roll experience. Thoughtfully designed in a unique straight-roll. Warlock is a storied indica-dominant strain that was derived through purposeful breeding and backcrossing classic strains of Skunk #1 x Afghani to extract favourable genetic traits. Warlock buds are characteristically dense and pepper shaped with emerald green hues with sparse thick furry orange hairs dusted with a fine sweet sticky layer of nearly translucent trichomes. This magical strain achieves a high THC level with a terpene profile that includes caryophyllene, myrcene and bisabolol, which showcase its earthy skunky origins while elevated by its fragrant fruity sweet & sour nuances. Warlock by Redecan is further improved upon through the care and attention given to each plant through every stage of growth, harvest and curing that is complemented by being expertly hand trimmed to ensure high quality in every batch.

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