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re+PLAY - Foot + Ankle Cream

re+PLAY - Foot + Ankle Cream

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This fast absorbing, THC-FREE cream delivers cannabinoids deep into layers of the skin & combines spearmint, tea tree, colloidal oatmeal and pure CBD.

CBD 515.0 mg

THC 0.0 mg


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re+PLAY’s THC-FREE Foot + Ankle cream delivers a combination of pure cannabidiol with menthol, spearmint and tea tree essential oils to provide a cool but gentle sensation on feet. Finally, this fast-absorbing, lightly scented white cream is formulated to enhance delivery into deep layers of skin and also contains colloidal oatmeal. The formula is stored in an airless, metered pump to protect the formulation from exposure to air, contamination and preserve the cannabinoid potency and cannabinoid stability for at least 1 year at room temperature. For external use only 250 mg CBD in every bottle.

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