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Zele - Sarsaparilla Indica Craft Soda | 355ml

Zele - Sarsaparilla Indica Craft Soda | 355ml

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Tilt your chair back and sip this full-spectrum indica Root Beer, craft-brewed with wintergreen, spices and 10mg of fast-acting flavourless THC.

CBD 0.0 mg

THC 10.0 mg

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Tilt your chair back and drift away with this sweet full-spectrum indica Sarsaparilla, a smooth and flavourful craft-brewed Root Beer. Made with a careful blend of wintergreen and spices, this natural classic is a couch pleaser. Craft-brewed with vegan ingredients and 10mg of fast-acting, flavourless THC, Sarsaparilla is a one-way ticket to a flavour trip that doesn’t have to leave the living room!

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