California Sober Explained

California Sober

California, the place where (sober) dreams come true?

Los Angeles: glamour, beautiful beaches and culture | Visit The USA As outsiders looking in, it feels like California is almost its own country within America – They just do things differently and being California Sober is just another one of their distinguishing traits. The term “California sober” or “Cali sober” has been steadily becoming more popular over the last few years, and at this point, its basically reached the mainstream. So, before we're too late and we miss the trend we thought we’d take some time to explain what it means to our fellow Canadian friends.

What Does It Mean To Be California Sober?

Californians are ditching alcohol and drugs, BUT are still keeping cannabis & for some psychedelics as well. The interpretation of what it means is different across those who partake in the lifestyle, with everyone having their own personal guidelines. This means that their consumption patterns can be completely different. some people may be exclusively consuming cannabinoids other than THC, while others could be smoking a half ounce of exotics a day in addition to some psychedelic doses spread throughout the week. Keeping your substance use exclusive to Cannabis is what really makes one California sober, which makes sense because their weed is so great. 

When Did Being California Sober Become A Thing?

There's no real timeline that we’re able to attribute this term and lifestyle to. But let's be real, many people (including a good chunk of the people reading this) most likely live or have lived the California lifestyle at someone point without even trying to or calling it that. Like c’mon, some of our grandparents were and still are California sober and they’re definitely nowhere near California.

Why Are People Becoming California Sober?

The personal relationship with alcohol and hard drugs is the reason why people decide to switch over to sobriety in general, but it's the cannabis that allows people to live a non-traditional sober life that they find works for them. Cannabis and psychedelics have found their way into the hands of people abandoning a lifestyle that included alcohol and drugs, why? The effects of cannabis and psychedelics are clearly different. Whether it be the hangovers, the late nights, or the addiction… alcohol and drugs come with their own set of issues that some people eventually find to be unmanageable, depending on their lifestyle and personal choices.

Is California Sober Right For you?

We’re far from doctors, so please don't go using this article as the sole reasoning behind your lifestyle switch if you decide to do so. But, if being California sober sounds like a life you'd like to live, you should probably ask yourself some real deep-ass questions. In our personal opinion and experience, it's important to be self-aware of your relationship with substances of all kinds and asking the hard questions is how you get to that awareness. Basically, in situations like these we’d eat a shit ton of edibles, get a little anxious and work through those internal questions before making any drastic decisions (are we the only ones who do that?). 

How Do Doctors Feel About The Wave?

The discourse from the medical community has been pretty strongly against the idea of California sober being a safer alternative to alcohol consumption, with many of them taking the stance that replacing alcohol with cannabis isn't safer due to the potential negative effects. But hey, we think that short-term memory loss isn't a bad trade-off from being hungover or addicted to opioids.
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