Smoking Expectations, Pushing Boundaries: Delvin Breaux Sr.'s Journey as an Athlete and Cannabis Advocate

Daniel Khaddaj
Smoking Expectations, Pushing Boundaries: Delvin Breaux Sr.'s Journey as an Athlete and Cannabis Advocate

When we think of athletes, we think of their unwavering commitment to physical excellence and stringent training routines.

However, a new wave of extraordinary athletes is rewriting the playbook and defying stereotypes by openly embracing cannabis. In this post, we explore these trailblazers, with a special focus on Delvin Breaux Sr., a phenomenal NFL quarterback making waves both on and off the field.


Delvin Breaux Sr. is a true game-changer,

not only due to his awesome skills on the football field but also for his unapologetic advocacy of weed in sports. This gifted cornerback has garnered widespread acclaim in the sports world, while fearlessly championing the benefits of cannabis use.

Delvin Breaux Sr. - The Trust

Breaux recognizes cannabis as an invaluable tool for post game / injury recovery and overall well-being, particularly for athletes who subject their bodies to rigorous physical demands. His personal journey with cannabis commenced after a serious neck injury that threatened to end his football career. Seeking alternatives for pain management and healing, he turned to cannabis and experienced its transformative effects firsthand.

By candidly discussing his journey healing with weed, Breaux is fighting the stigma surrounding athletes and weed.

He is spearheading conversations about the potential benefits and advocating for a progressive shift in sports policies, which have historically viewed cannabis use through a narrow lens. Breaux’s courage and authenticity serve as an inspiration to fellow athletes and fans, urging them to challenge antiquated perceptions and embrace a more enlightened approach to cannabis.

Breaux Sr. exemplifies a growing trend among athletes who choose to integrate cannabis into their lives. Some notable names who partake include: Eugene Monroe, Calvin Johson, Allen Iverson & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. These remarkable athletes acknowledge the therapeutic potential of cannabis, spanning from pain management to inflammation reduction and facilitating relaxation and recovery. Some have even claimed that they use before playing, a more contentious aspect of the discussion that definitely needs continued conversation and consideration.

Brent Just/Getty Images

Across various sports, athletes are assuming the role of cannabis ambassadors, leveraging their influence to promote education and eradicate the stigma associated with its use.

These athletes are revolutionizing the narrative and fostering open conversations about its rightful place in the realm of sports. Simultaneously, they advocate for progressive changes in regulations and policies that unjustly penalize athletes for their cannabis consumption.


As the cultural conversation of cannabis continues to evolve, so too does its integration into the world of sports. Athletes like Delvin Breaux Sr. spearhead this transformation, demonstrating that cannabis and athletic excellence can harmoniously coexist. Their audacity in challenging conventions paves the way for a more inclusive and enlightened future.

The Sporting Life: How Professional Sports Leagues Treat Cannabis

It is important for young readers who enjoy cannabis to recognize that usage must be responsible and informed, coupled with a disciplined training regimen and unwavering dedication to their craft, can coalesce into a successful athletic journey. Let us wholeheartedly celebrate these extraordinary game-changers who are rewriting the rulebook and forging their own paths, both within and beyond the arena.



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