Reaching Higher Peaks: Hiking Cannabis Essentials

Reaching Higher Peaks: Hiking Cannabis Essentials

Whether you're taking the dog on a walk to a local trail or planning for a day of hiking with friends, nothing is worse than feeling ill-prepared while you’re out there and just trying to get absolutely high.

Lucky for you, Kindling has curated a list of essentials to get you and your friends equipt for your next summit mission and really elevate the experience both on and off the trail.

Green Jay Pre-Roll E-Lighter

Even though you should always carry one on you, if you’re going to be in the elements forget fighting a bic. The Green Jay Pre-Roll E-lighter is a must for a hike, or literally any other time you ever try and light a joint on a breezy day. The windproof combustion free design allows you to light and relight your joint without hassle. The Green Jay is a game changer, and it's rechargeable so really make sure no one bic’s this. Although we all love a good joint on a walk when hiking is the mission sometimes you just want to stay on the trail and keep going. For this, nothing is as convenient as a battery and a cart. Let me introduce you to the perfect pairing to pass back and forth effortlessly without worrying about the wind at all. My hammock, nature and a couldn't have been better : r/trees

Vessel - The Compass

With The Compass, Vessel has delivered an ergonomic design, high-capacity battery, and signature airflow. The protected cartridge drop-in design is compatible with most 510 thread cartridges and is perfect for on the go activities.

Purple Hills - Lemon Pepper Live Resin 510

To accompany The Compass, we suggest the Lemon Pepper Live Resin 510 cartridge from Purple Hill. This cart will not disappoint, a rich live resin sativa packed with flavourful terpenes. Perfect to enjoy with friends right before a snack break while soaking in the outdoors on trail. 

StashLogix Small Silverton

It would be a damn shame to lose a piece of new gear out on a hike, so why not keep all your chickens in one basket? The StashLogix Small Silverton has a compartmentalized design so you can stay organized and on-top of all your kit so nothing goes misplaced. Plus, it's lockable so no one else can poke around your stuff if you’re not around.

Rebound by Stewart Farms - Turmeric & Arnica Recovery Balm

When it's finally ready to wind down at the end of the day, we suggest doing so with a strong topical, massaged into target areas of soreness. Rebound offers a perfectly balanced combination of 250mg of CBD and 250mg of THC, working together to enhance absorption and help you bounce back after a long hike. Crafted with care in small batches, this plant-based recovery balm is a natural solution for bouncing back from a long hike.


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