How to beat A Cannabis Drug Test

Devlyn Spencer
How to beat A Cannabis Drug Test

On the fence about going ahead because you might get caught for your smoke?

This might help you in finding a loophole to get that negative.

Question is: Why?

A lot of us rely on cannabis whether it be mental clarity, gut relaxation, pain relief, or simply lifestyle choice; but why let a test stop you in your tracks? Testing can be done as a requirement of a job application, maintaining a job, or just to go to work today. There are some cases that reckless driving can be a suspect in performing a drug test on the potential culprit. You have to work around the test you’re required to take and forget asking why it’s given to you and instead ask how you will weave your way through as an honest way. 

Breaking it Down

Cannabis can be traced through your blood, saliva, hair and your urine. Urine is by far the most common method of testing your body for any cannabis, although saliva shows best results for recent usage. The average user gets rid of cannabis from their body within 30 to 45 days while a more heavy user can have the THC stay in their system for closer to 90 days after use. The experimental thought varies based off a multiple differentiators:

  • How often do you use cannabis?
  • How long since you last used it?
  • What’s the potency in the weed you use?
  • What’s your current weight and body fat %?
  • Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

Making it Work

There are a surprising amount of detox drinks you can find through the markets if you shop for it, yet you don’t need to fall for the business they’re selling. Firstly, I’ll put it out there, if you want to avoid hair follicle testing, shave your entire body of hair until you're bare, then the test will resort to urine. To safely say, it is a good quality to say leaving THC out of your system until it naturally drains out, but it’s not always that easy. With all these methods, it’s good practice to take vitamin B12, it’s good for adding colour to your pee and still continues to allow you to flush liquids out! Below we provide a short list of some detoxifying drinks that will help flush cannabis out of your urine. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

Lemon juice and water, a classic detoxification as well as a digestive aid! It’s been around forever and works time and time again for use. Squeeze half a lemon into a cup of anywhere from 8 to 16 fluid ounces. Diluting the lemon will add nothing but more fluids to further encourage your body to keep flushing out toxins. Repeat this drink as many times as you’d like prior to your drug test and just make sure you keep on urinating! 


Cranberry Juice

This is not hiding THC, or masking away your drug test, instead it’s a major way to cleanse your body. Best way to consume cranberry juice is with a ton of water or better yet, drinking it with an electrolyte-packed beverage would encourage your body to pee even more. The more you pee, the better. 



Yes, that brown murky zippy drink could potentially be a savior for your drug test pass. It’s a good detoxing drink with all-natural compounds that act extremely well as a diuretic. Using coffee for this, the idea is to push all through your body, to get as much out as possible. Make sure you don’t forget about compensating with water as coffee is good, but you’ll need to keep the water running.     

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