The Best Terpenes for Intimacy (and which terps to avoid)

Naima Karp

Forget oysters and champagne

If you know how to pick the right strains, cannabis can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Whether you’re experiencing performance anxiety, chronic pain, or are just struggling to get in the mood, adding cannabis in small amounts can help enhance intimacy and lead to some mind-blowing sex. Choosing strains with the right terpenes can help you relax more, lower inhibitions, and make sexual encounters more pleasurable. But with so many different strains out there, it can be helpful to focus on certain cannabis terpenes and look for those on specifically when you’re shopping. First things first: what are terpenes? They’re compounds that differ in every strain, and they’re responsible for the taste, smell, and kind of high that you experience. Terpenes

Terpenes to get you in the mood

Linalool - Perfect for anyone dealing with anxiety, ED, or anorgasmia, linalool is a fantastic mental stress reliever and will help quiet racing thoughts and negative self-talk. Limonene - Famous for its citrus notes, limonene is responsible for a euphoric effect, which can also translate to an increased sex drive and heightened sensations. Terpinolene -Although this newbie is just now starting to pop up on cannabis strain labels at the OCS, it’s like having a mini espresso before a sesh — minus the jitters and the crash. Terpinolene boosts energy and can help offset tired or lethargic feelings. Humulene/Caryophyllene - most commonly having a peppery taste in strains, these terps can reduce muscle tension, helping you limber up and relax, even if you’ve been on your feet all day.

Terpenes to stay away from

Myrcene - While we 100% recommend this couch lock-inducing terpene for insomnia and anxiety, it may act like more of a sedative than an aphrodisiac. Instead of getting in the mood, you might just want to take a nap.

Can CBD be used for intimacy?

There are many products like CBD-based lubricants, intimacy oil and suppositories that are designed to reduce stress and pain during sex, but research is still being completed on just how CBD can help our sex lives. However, we do know that a CBD-rich strain (over 10%) or 1:1 CBD/THC strain has a richer terpene profile, which can heighten sensations and potentially make sex better. More and more, people are starting to use cannabis as an alternative to prescription medication and other herbal options to deal with their sexual problems. While many of us want to have sex more frequently, things like financial stress and burnout from work can often get in the way. Using cannabis properly can help us reconnect with ourselves in a way that alcohol simply can’t. Rather than numbing you in intimate situations, it encourages self-love and natural confidence, acting as a healthy foundation for exploring kinks and trying new things with your partner. Various terpene profiles will also affect you differently based on consumption methods and strain type (indica, hybrid or sativa). It may be a case of trial and error until you find the perfect formula for your brain and body. We recommend micro-dosing if you’re not a heavy cannabis user. Take one of the following products for a test drive in time for your next date nigh
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