Toronto’s Best Sesh Spots: Parks

Zachary Barmania
Toronto’s Best Sesh Spots: Parks

Whether you’re an Etobicoke soccer mom or a rockstar from The Beaches, everyone needs somewhere to light up. Sure, you could just whip out your Smokebuddy or crack open a window, but what about those of us who like to share our smoke with the world? For us, it’s a simple choice: the park! With spring around the corner, now’s a great time to research your best options for a pipe-hitting picnic. These are the top five parks to spark up in, try them all and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the ‘city within a park’ all over again.

If you make it to one of these amazing parks and forget your stash, don't worry - we've got you covered. We can deliver to any fixed address, just be sure to have your ID and the card you used for payment.

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5. Broadview

Toronto’s Best Sesh Spots: Broadview Toronto’s Best Sesh Spots: Broadview
Our number five entry takes the (infused) cake in terms of scenery. Located at Broadview station, this park boasts a breathtakingly broad view of the Toronto skyline. This is perhaps the most romantic and practical park for a romantic evening. With all the delights of the Danforth at your back, boredom and the munchies don’t stand a chance. Grab a kebab, and hit the town!

4. Toronto Island



At number four, we have the biggest and most iconic park on our list. The Island was actually a peninsula until 1858, when it was cut-off from the mainland by a storm. Now you know. There’s an incredible amount of fun options for activities on the island, so there’s definitely something for everyone. You could smoke with the nudists on Hanlan's Beach, just be careful where you point your blunt to avoid embarrassing burns. You could cool off on the log ride at Centreville, or else watch the clouds and wonder: why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways? Be sure to get a big group together before heading out; the ferry trip is beautiful but is too much of a hassle for anything less than a day trip - pun intended.

3. Bellevue Square Park

This is what the revamped park in Kensington Market looks like
I was shocked to learn that this park wasn’t just called ‘The Weed Park’. Located in Kensington Market, the heart of stonerdom in Toronto, Bellevue Square is ideal for the more socially-inclined smokers. Pop an edible, and prepare to make some new friends. This is the kief of the crop in terms of people-watching and entertainment. There’s almost always a busker or two at hand, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. For those looking for a quiet, thoughtful smoke, however, this is not the entry for you.

2. Big Yorkville Rock

Here's the story behind Toronto's massive billion-year-old Yorkville rock -  Curiocity
While it isn’t technically a park, our number two spot is just too perfect not to include. Located at Bay station, this rock looms over Yorkville like a massive anthill. Climb to the top, pack a bowl, and watch as C-list celebrities scuttle around at your feet. The Rock offers a good compromise between comfort, entertainment, and access to munchies. Get a drink at Hemingways, or else a Cheesecake at Carole's, there are so many options for you, if you have the coin. If you’ve already spent your money trying to impress the cute dispensary worker, then perhaps you should spring for a Hotdog.

1. High Park

At number one, we have the aptly-named High Park. Located at (shocker) High Park station, this park is the one-stop shop for your leisurely walk with Mary-Jane. The beautiful trails are only the beginning of your list of fun things to do. There’s the zoo, the Grenadier Restaurant, and of course the beautiful gardens. Live out all of your anime fantasies among the cherry blossoms. Take a load off on one of the hundreds of benches, and take in the summer.

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