Healthy Munchies

Amanda Ramal
Healthy Munchies

Smoked, now the munchies are kicking in but aren’t you tired of eating bad?

The same ole chips, candy and chocolate combo is getting old and it’s time we spice things up a bit! 

There are so many ways to still consume healthy munchies that don’t make you feel crappy afterwards and will be so beneficial for you and your health. Just because you’re smoking and getting the munchies doesn’t mean you need to follow the habits of eating bad as well. 

Here are five healthier options than that quick bowl of cereal to have when you are craving some snacks after getting high.

Charcuterie Boards 

These are great because it’s so easy to do something simple or get fancy and create something way over the top! Crackers, your favourite cheeses and meats, fruit, pickles, hard boiled eggs, nuts. Charcuterie boards can be created with literally anything (even that chocolate if you really still need it) but a much more fun and healthy choice with getting so many options to choose from when one of these are thrown together. 

Frozen Yogurt Bark 

Frozen yogurt bark has been popular all over social media. Simple to make and so easy to customize to your personal preference. Using a baking sheet, line it with parchment paper and spread your favourite yogurt of choice as your base. Add fruits, chia seeds, nuts, chocolate, honey or maple syrup whatever you desire and freeze overnight. Break apart into pieces and store in a freezer safe container so you can easily grab whenever you need a quick delicious cold treat. 


Salads are very customizable. Even if you’re not a fan of vegetables, a fruit salad is still a delicious snack when you’re high and looking for something to munch on. The natural sugars from fruit taste so good and there’s many sweet or savory fruit options! If you’re looking for something more filling, salads can still be the perfect answer. Create something fully loaded with all your favourite ingredients. Add proteins like ham, turkey, and hard boiled eggs. Fruit, nuts, literally anything you desire.

Dried Fruit 

High in energy and packed with essential vitamins, dried fruit is actually quite a delicious snack while you’re high. The texture varies from fruits and contains natural sugars. Easy to quickly grab for a munchie and portable. Dried fruit can be found in local grocery stores and has great health benefits. 

Trail Mix

While this takes a bit of effort and similar to the frozen yogurt bark it will take some prep work before becoming an easy munchie to grab. Gather your favourite items of cereal, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit and create a trail mix in an easy to store container. Healthy, sweet, salty, savoury this one will hit ALL the spots. 

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