Cannabis News Weekly Wrap-Up: May 1-7

Miss Daisy

The first week of May was nothing short of exciting when it came to cannabis news

While we deal with the many things adulthood has been throwing our way recently, it's not always easy to stay up to date with all the trials and tribulations the Cannabis industry has been facing. With lawsuits, spreading of plant diseases and a new illegal drug store opening up, this article has a little bit of everything to keep you in the loop, so you have just enough to spark a conversation.

Marijuana Facilities Struggling with Plant-Killing Black Root Rot

Marijuana facilities face many challenges in maintaining the health and vitality of their crops, and one of the most significant is the threat of plant diseases. One of the most common and devastating diseases that can afflict marijuana plants is black root rot, and a new study confirms the challenges it poses to growers. The study, published in the Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, examines the impact of black root rot on a marijuana cultivation facility in British Columbia. The researchers found that the disease can cause significant losses in crop yields and quality, as well as create costly problems for growers. Black root rot is a fungal disease that attacks the roots of plants, leading to stunted growth, wilting, and death. It is spread through contaminated soil, water, and plant debris, and can be difficult to control once it becomes established in a growing environment. The study highlights the importance of preventative measures, such as regular sanitation and sterilisation protocols, in controlling the spread of black root rot. It also suggests that growers may need to consider alternative growing substrates or plant species that are more resistant to the disease. I know what you're thinking, a pandemic for weed, haven't we been through enough?

Health Canada Extends COVID-19 Measures for Cannabis Industry

 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on many industries, including the cannabis sector. In response to the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic, Health Canada has announced that it will be extending some of its COVID-19-related measures for the cannabis industry. The measures, which were first introduced in March 2020, include regulatory flexibility to allow for alternative packaging and labelling options, as well as changes to security requirements for licensed cannabis facilities. The measures were intended to help cannabis businesses adapt to the challenges of the pandemic while ensuring the safety and security of the industry. The extension of these measures will provide some relief to cannabis businesses that continue to face ongoing challenges related to the pandemic. However, it remains to be seen how long these measures will be in place and what further impact the pandemic may have on the cannabis industry in the long term.

Illegal Drug Store in Vancouver Offers Safe Supply of Illicit Substances


The ongoing opioid crisis in Canada has prompted many harm reduction advocates to call for safe and regulated access to illicit substances. In Vancouver, an illegal drug store is providing a controversial solution to this problem. The store, called the Healing Tree, operates outside of the law, but provides a safe supply of illicit drugs, including opioids, to users who might otherwise face deadly risks on the street. The store also provides harm reduction supplies and support to users. While the Healing Tree has been praised by some as a necessary harm reduction measure, others have criticised the store for enabling drug use and operating outside of the law. The store has faced legal challenges and has been raided by police, but continues to operate. Is this something we can all stand behind or is this going to hurt us even more?

Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club Files Lawsuit Against BC Government


The legalization of cannabis in Canada has brought many changes to the industry, but some advocates argue that it has not gone far enough in providing access to medical cannabis. The Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club is one organization that is fighting for better access to medical cannabis, and they have recently filed a lawsuit against the BC government. The lawsuit alleges that the BC government's failure to regulate and provide for the medical cannabis market violates patients' rights to access medicine. The club argues that patients with serious medical conditions rely on medical cannabis to manage symptoms and improve quality of life, and that they are being unfairly denied access to this medicine. This lawsuit is just one of the many examples from this article of the ongoing debates and challenges surrounding medical cannabis in Canada. As the industry continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these issues will be addressed and what impact they will have on patients and the industry as a whole.


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