Cake & Caviar to launch cannabis products in Germany

Lex Harrison
Cake & Caviar to launch cannabis products in Germany

Cake & Caviar, a renowned cannabis brand from British Columbia, has gathered widespread acclaim for its exquisite range of luxurious cannabis products.

Cake & Caviar

Building upon their domestic success, Cake & Caviar is on its way to make significant international expansion. This year, the brand is eagerly preparing to showcase its exceptional offerings at the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin, Germany, solidifying its presence in the global cannabis market. With their reputation for exceptional quality, Cake & Caviar is set to captivate new audiences and further establish themselves as a leading force in the international cannabis industry.


What sets Cake & Caviar apart from any other cannabis brand is its reputation for sustainable and organic cultivation methods.

Habitat's pilot facility shown among forests and ranch lands.

Situated in British Columbia's Shuswap region, they employ Habitat’s groundbreaking aquaponics technology, utilizing nutrient-rich waters for optimal plant growth. As the sole certified organic cannabis company in Canada under the aquaculture standard, Cake & Caviar adheres to rigorous standards, ensuring their products meet the highest organic quality benchmarks. Their commitment to sustainability and organic certification proves their dedication to delivering excellent cannabis products while minimizing environmental impact.

Meet Habitat, The Sustainable Cannabis Farm Using Aquaculture To Grow  Top-Shelf Weed—And Organic Salmon

Due to their prestigious reputation, and sustainable practices, Cake & Caviar has had the opportunity to attend this year's International Cannabis Business Conference located in Berlin on June 29-30, 2023.

The brand recognizes the ICBC as an exceptional opportunity to promote their sustainable products and engage with a global audience of industry professionals. During the 2-day event, Cake & Caviar will not only celebrate their brand expansion but also host a community night on June 23rd and participate in a boat tour on the "Cannaboat" on June 29th. With talks to extend their brand to other regions, such as Israel and Malta. Cake & Caviar aims to further establish their presence by featuring their products in multiple cities across Germany, including exclusive sales at Avaay Medical pharmacies.

The ICBC stands as Europe's most established and expansive B2B trade show and conference in the cannabis industry. This event serves as Europe's prime networking hub for cannabis businesses, drawing in over 350 sponsors, along with a staggering 5000+ attendees from 80+ countries. The Berlin B2B conference offers a unique opportunity to accomplish what would typically take years in a conventional working environment, condensed into just two impactful days. It serves as a catalyst for accelerated growth and correspondence within the European cannabis market.

Cake & Caviar is excited to showcase their highly popular product, Waffle Bites at ICBC.

Crafted as a descendant of the renowned Sour Diesel strain, Waffle Bites offers a unique aroma of buttery waffles soaked in maple syrup, accompanied by hints of tangy cream cheese. This delectable cannabis experience is achieved through a skillful fusion of sweet and savory flavors, achieved by crossing Cake and Sour OG strains. Waffle Bites is expected to grab the attention of everyone at the event, even the most picky visitors. Its irresistible appeal will captivate attendees and leave a positive lasting impression.

Waffle Bites can be found in Cake & Caviars rotating 3.5 Jar "Cake", available for delivery HERE

Waffles Bites - By: Cake & Caviar - Mendo

If you are a fan of Cake & Caviar, and are interested in witnessing their journey to Berlin to participate in the International Cannabis Business Conference, follow their brand @cake_caviar on Instagram or visit to take a look at their featured product Waffle Bites to learn more about the strain.

Be sure to keep your eye out HERE, for their fresh drops available for FAST & FREE delivery.

We are excited to see one of our top Canadian cannabis brands reach international locations, and we hope to see more in store from Cake and Caviar in the future. For more news and updates on the International Cannabis Business Conference, and how you can attend future events, visit 


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