REVIEW: Pure Sunfarms Baked Animal

REVIEW: Pure Sunfarms Baked Animal [video-to-gif output image]

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Baked Animal is a new hybrid offering from Pure Sunfarms.

THC: 23.9%

CBD: 0%

Nug Quality: 2.5/5

Visual Examination: Small nugs with a noticeable amount of stems, densely coated in trichomes, presenting a glistening, almost snowy appearance.


Moisture Content: Moderately dry yet finely balanced; grinds smoothly without crumbling excessively, keeping a decent density.


Aroma and Taste: 2.5/5

Odour Strength: Subtle yet distinct blend, offering a nuanced combination of sweet, skunky, and floral notes reminiscent of a slightly aged pastry.


Flavour Profile: Delicately sweet, though the overall flavour could benefit from a more pronounced presence.


Consumption Experience: 3/5

Burn Test: Demonstrates a respectable burn with salt and pepper ash.

Smoothness and Harshness: The smoke was pretty smooth - easy to enjoy. 


Effect and Potency: 2.5/5

Potency and Strength: Induces a mildly invigorating, cerebral high that leans towards a sativa profile. While not overpowering, it offers a pleasant lift conducive to productivity.

Duration: Short-lasting effects that linger for a moderate duration, providing an enjoyable experience for approximately 30-45 minutes post-consumption.


Overall Quality: 2.6/5

In summary, it’s a visually appealing bud with a decent aroma and taste profile. Its consumption offers a smooth experience and a light, uplifting high, ideal for tasks and creative endeavours.


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