Why Do Some Low THC Strains Hit As Hard As Higher THC % Strains?

Evan Doherty
Why Do Some Low THC Strains Hit As Hard As Higher THC % Strains?

Spoiler alert: THC isn’t everything!

It might be shocking, but some strains with lower percentages of THC hit harder than their counterparts. Why is that?

Well, other factors affect some of your favourite strains. You could go as far as saying you are buying weed wrong. The good news is you are likely not the only one.

There are studies that suggest choosing the best strain is more than simply picking the one with the highest percentage of THC. Here are the facts you need to know before you stock up!

Strains With High Percentages Of THC Do Not Get You High

First things first, more THC does not mean a better higher. The quality of a cannabis product is not determined by its percentage of THC.

According to a study from the University of Colorado, THC does not indicate a product’s potency. Basically, it is a misconception in the recreational market.

During the study, 121 participants were given cannabis products with different percentages of THC. The level of  “intoxication” was the same for everyone regardless of the THC percentage. In summary, the number on a product’s package does not affect its quality.

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The Aroma Makes An Impact

There are multiple effects of cannabis that can be referred to as strictly subjective. One of the main culprits is a product’s aroma. 

A 2022 study suggests the smell of your favourite strain can affect your consumption. However, the presence of terpenes, THC potency or dose does not change these effects. 

Research finds terpenes are becoming an indicator of product quality. That is because they contribute to the scent and flavour profile of some of your favourite strains. It is becoming an increasingly popular indicator in the regulated market. 

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More Than One Cannabinoid Exists

THC is a single cannabinoid, and in a singular plant, there are over 100 of them. There are several ingredients in many strains, which makes THC matter less.

Much like a recipe, it takes more than one ingredient to create the perfect cannabis product. The combination of cannabinoids affects the high you get from different strains. 

All strains of cannabis contain additional cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG. Such cannabinoids come together to cause the entourage effect. The result of the combination of ingredients is the high you feel when you are smoking a blunt or munching on an edible.

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Is It True For Every Cannabis Product?

The percentage of THC in a strain does not affect your high. However, there is one exception to this rule.

Edibles with higher amounts of THC can allow your high to last longer. That is because of the amount of milligrams present. For example, multiple edibles with a total of 100 milligrams will let your high last longer than one with 10 milligrams. 

However, the percentage of THC does not affect how hard a specific strain of cannabis hits. Like other cannabinoids, it is an ingredient in a product that doesn’t work alone. 

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