Elevate Your Canada Day Celebration: Top Cannabis Picks for the Occasion

Gemma Mastroianni
Elevate Your Canada Day Celebration: Top Cannabis Picks for the Occasion

Canada Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in some top-notch cannabis products? Whether you're a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or a curious newcomer, we've got you covered with a guide to some fantastic options to enhance your Canada Day festivities. From frozen edibles to refreshing beverages and potent flower, these products are sure to make your celebrations even more memorable.


RAD Frozen Edibles 

Shop RAD Frozen Edibles HERE.

Let's start with RAD, a brand that offers a unique twist on traditional edibles. Their frozen edibles, known as RADsicles, come in three mouth-watering flavors. The Blue Raspberry RADsicle is a frozen treat bursting with wicked tart raspberry flavor. With 10mg of THC per serving, it's the perfect way to satisfy your cannabis needs while tantalizing your taste buds. Simply pop it in the freezer for a short period of time, and you're ready to enjoy a Radicle experience like no other.

If raspberry isn't your preferred flavour, give the Cream Soda RADsicle a try. This frozen edible combines the nostalgic taste of cream soda with a 10mg THC kick. Just like its Blue Raspberry counterpart, toss it in the freezer for a short while, and you'll have a radicle treat ready to enjoy. And for all the cherry enthusiasts out there, the Cherry RADsicle cranks up the cherry flavours to the max. With 10mg of THC and the convenience of shelf stability, it's a frozen edible that's hard to resist.


OG Jerk Classic Original Beef Jerky

Shop OG Jerk Classic Original Beef Jerky HERE.

For those who prefer savoury snacks, OG Jerk has you covered with their Classic Original Beef Jerky infused with cannabis concentrates. This renowned family-owned butcher brings you locally sourced, dried, cured beef jerky with a proprietary process that adds a cannabis twist. Each pack contains 10.0mg THC and 4.0mg CBD, making it the perfect complement to your Canada Day celebrations.



House of Terpenes - Canntinis

Shop House of Terpenes Canntinis HERE.

When it comes to beverages, House of Terpenes offers Canntinis in a Ginger Lime flavor. These mocktail-like, 236ml sleek cans are packed with 10mg THC and feature notes of ginger beer, lime, and curcumin. Pour it over crushed ice, garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy a familiar yet elevated flavour experience.


Shop Mollo HERE.

Alternatively, you can try Mollo, a crisp and easy-drinking cannabis-infused beverage. With each bottle containing 2.5mg CBD and 2.5mg THC, it's a balanced choice for those looking for a milder cannabis experience. Simply pour it into a chilled glass and savor the refreshing taste.


BURB - Beavertail

Shop BURB's Beavertail HERE.

Of course, no cannabis celebration would be complete without some high-quality flower. For Canada Day, we recommend BURB's Beaver Tail strain. This proprietary indica blend crosses Pink Gelato with Kush Mints 11, resulting in a potent THC level of 35.0%. The buds have a dark green color and emit a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of diesel and pine.


Remo Farms- Super Charged Joint


Shop Remo Farms’ Supercharged Joint HERE.

If you're looking for an extra kick, Remo Farms' Supercharged Joint is the way to go. Curated by the legendary grower Remo himself, this 2g joint combines premium quality flower with high-potency extracts. With a THC level of 35.0%, this joint is designed to dial up your experience to 11. It's perfect for special occasions or for anyone seeking a truly supercharged cannabis experience.


These cannabis products offer a fantastic selection to celebrate Canada Day in style.

Whether you prefer  edibles, infused beverages, or potent flower, there's something for everyone. Just remember to consume responsibly, follow local regulations, and enjoy the festivities responsibly. Happy Canada Day!

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