MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY: Empowering Women’s Wellness Journey

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MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY: Empowering Women’s Wellness Journey

Shauna Levy is dedicated to enhancing accessibility for women seeking natural cannabis-infused remedies.

Born out of her personal struggle with agonizing pelvic pain, which only cannabis could relieve, Shauna founded MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY in 2020 to create a medicinal marijuana product made specifically for women by women.

“When I get into something, I also become very evangelical about it. It was a life changer for me,” Shauna said of her new love for cannabis.

SHAUNA LEVY'S STORY — Madge and Mercer

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At 46-years-old, Shauna’s chronic pelvic condition took an immeasurable toll on her relationships with family and friends. It was during this time that she met other women her age and older who shared similar experiences with limited options for relief. Cannabis oil became a godsend for Shauna, who hadn’t consumed the plant since her 20s, but when she did again, it was an eureka moment. 

It made her realize she might not be the only woman who could benefit from cannabis, but was afraid to try it, turned off by the stigma, or apprehensive of the tinted windows and security guards.

“They say that perimenopause can last for 15 years,” explained Shauna, emphasizing the range of symptoms that women face during this phase, including anxiety, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and libido challenges. “My goal is to create products to address them.”

The first COVID-19 lockdown provided her with the space she needed to design her next career move. However, she says, being the founder and CEO of a business in the cannabis industry isn’t easy, especially in getting bank loans. Recognizing the challenges, Shauna sought help through investments, always keeping her focus on supporting women. Products are thoughtfully executed, combining purposeful ingredients with a design-forward approach.

“Ultimately it was really about helping women with that perimenopausal period of their lives,” she said. 

Shauna firmly believes in the medicinal properties of cannabis, stating, “It’s medicine.” Her conviction is backed by scientific research and positive feedback from focus groups, with participants sharing how the products have improved their sleep, overall well-being, and even changed their lives.


The company offers a variety of wellness products, including CBD-infused oils and vape pens, designed to integrate seamlessly into every woman’s wellness regime and self-care toolkit. 


 A custom-formulated 0.5g disposable CBD vape pen with a smooth mint/eucalyptol flavour incorporating 70.0% CBD and 17.5% THC.

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is a 2:1 CBD:THC formulation featuring 56.0% CBD and 29.0% THC, along with the popular menthol and eucalyptol terpene blend used in the EL ALEVIO MENTA.

Buy Le Pasion



is a chef-formulated full-spectrum CBD dominant oil in a gorgeous 25ml premium glass vessel. The aromatic oil combines lemongrass and ginger extracts with a ratio of 10:1 CBD (1250.0 mg) to THC (50.0 mg) derived through an extraction process that distills and separates the CBD and THC. This allows for an optimal reintroduction of a precise ratio of terpinolene, alpha pinene, limonene and linalool terpenes. This also means consumers can expect a specific flavour profile each time. They can ingest the oil on its own or add it to their favourite food or beverage.

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is suitable for people who have insomnia. This 1g CBD:CBN Apothecart 510 Thread Cartridge is the third of its APOTHECART™ series. CBD dominant with 51.5% CBD 22.5% THC, this nighttime product also features myrcene, linalool, b-caryophyllene, and nerolidol.

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All MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY products are compatible with 510 vape batteries but function best with the company’s premium, design-forward and inhalation activated rechargeable battery which features a soft-to-the-touch matte finish.

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Shauna has a clear vision for the future of MADGE AND MERCER MODERN APOTHECARY. She envisions her products being readily available in pharmacies by 2025, aiming to make them more accessible to women who are seeking effective wellness solutions. Recognizing the importance of reaching a wider audience, Shauna is determined to break down barriers and ensure that women have easy access to the products that can significantly improve their quality of life during the perimenopausal phase.


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