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There are two types of stoners:

those who like using crazy and complicated contraptions to toke, and those who simply like using pipes, blunts, and apples.

When it comes to smoking concentrates, which are becoming more popular, lighting up can get tricky at times, especially while on the go. Luckily for us all, Puffco is here to save the day with their device called the Proxy!

Puffco Proxy's Wizard Attachment Will Make You Feel Magical

The Proxy from Puffco is a portable vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for not just concentrates, but cannabis plant consumption as well.    OG weed culture meets innovation with features like the ergonomic glass pipe that cradle’s the Proxy’s unique removable base. Using cutting edge 3D Chamber technology, this new device has four precision heated temperature settings, which offers the best vapor production and most flavourful experience for you.

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Puffco Proxy Review- the good, the bad, and is it worth $300?

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The Proxy is truly top of the line and is compatible with extracts right out of the box.

That being said, the Proxy wasn’t designed solely for smokers who like to concentrate on their concentrates. Plant smokers are invited to the party too, as this groundbreaking device can also support a dry herb attachment available separately.

The Proxy feels easy and natural to use, even for the oldest heads who might be taken back or intimidated by modern weed smoking technologies. There’s zero learning curve with this vape, and even if you’re a casual when it comes to resins and oils, it’s worth the buy if you can afford it.

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Furthermore, it should be noted that the Puffco Proxy charges using its provided USB-C charger and takes roughly 90 minutes to reach full power. Triple clicking the device will show you your remaining battery life, making it easy to keep track of how much power you’re working with.

It’s difficult to both invent something new and elevate something old, but somehow Puffco managed to sort of do both at the same time with the Proxy. 



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