REVIEW: The Dough By Primeau

Jeremy Bouvet
REVIEW: The Dough By Primeau


3.5 Grams 


The Dough


Thin Mint Cookies





Total Terpenes


Top Terpenes

Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene


Aroma & Flavour


The dough hits hard! Its a bit of a creeper, but the come up will sneak on you before you realize. Starting with a euphoric head buzz, and unfolding into a state of relaxing bliss- this strain embodies exactly what you're looking for in a hybrid.


Didn't expect that it would be an insanely white ash, thought it would've been pretty dark. But, cant lie - the salt and pepper ash was strong throughout. Definitely not black.


Smoking Experience 

Burning like true craft cannabis should the joint we rolled up smoked smooth, had a savoury taste. The ash was salt and pepper, and held up well. Slow burning, smooth smoking, and great tasing.


The Dough by Primeau is defienetly worthy of making its way into your rotation. It's texture when broken down makes it great for rolling up, leaving your fingers sticky and your nose satisfied. The effects are perfect for a laid-back session, and should be enjoyed when you have time to kick-back and not think about anything else. Pushing the envelope for small Lp's Primeau really did their thing with this strain.

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