WTF is a Cannagar?

Karen Lloyd
WTF is a Cannagar?

You might have enjoyed a puff or two of a joint or indulged in the occasional bong session with buds. But have you ever immersed yourself in the luxurious experience of a cannagar? If you find yourself asking, "What on Earth is a cannagar?" you're in for a treat!

A Glimpse Into Cannagars 

Derived from the terms "cannabis" and "cigar," a cannagar essentially is a cannabis cigar. Unlike your traditional tobacco cigar, cannagars are a unique fusion of top-notch cannabis flower, sometimes wrapped enticingly in cannabis leaves or other cannabis plant materials.

Purple Rose Supply: Blunt vs. Joint vs. The Cannagar

Unwrapping the Cannagar's Alluring Features

  • The Essence - Cannabis Flower: At the heart of every great cannagar lies a carefully chosen cannabis flower, celebrated for its captivating aroma, rich flavour, and unmatched potency. Some cannagars even combine multiple strains, crafting a distinct and unparalleled profile for the consumer.

  • The Artistic Wrap: A cannagar's exterior is gracefully swathed in either whole cannabis leaves or plant material. This isn't just any random wrapping. Cannagar leaves usually undergo a meticulous curing and aging process, enriching the cannagar's aesthetic appeal and elevating the smoking experience.
The Only Good Cigar Is a Cannagar | Cannabis Now
  • A Craftsmanship Par Excellence: Crafting a cannagar isn't a cakewalk. It demands the finesse of skilled artisans who either hand-roll these beauties or employ molds crafted for this exact purpose. It's an art form, with each cannagar standing testament to the dedication poured into its creation.

  • A Leisurely Burn: Cannagars promise a burn that's even and unhurried, mirroring the essence of a traditional cigar. This allows for an extended, relaxed consumption session - truly a pleasure for the senses.

  • The Touch of Luxury: Representing the crème de la crème of the cannabis world, cannagars are the epitome of luxury. This is mirrored in their price, which often leans towards the higher side, reflecting the quality and craftsmanship.

  • Tailored Just For You: Some brands go the extra mile, offering bespoke cannagars. From picking your preferred strain to selecting the perfect size and even adding a touch of terpene-infused wraps or concentrates, the world is your oyster.
What is a Cannagar?
  • The Ritual of Enjoyment: Savouring a cannagar requires a ritual. From skillfully snipping the tip (much like you'd do with a cigar) to lighting it up, ensure you're equipped with the right tools like a dedicated cigar cutter and a robust torch lighter.

  • Celebrate with Cannagars: Be it an important milestone or a jovial gathering with pals, cannagars seamlessly fit into the frame, marking themselves as the ultimate celebratory and social cannabis indulgence.


In a world teeming with cannabis products, cannagars stand out, offering a blend of tradition, luxury, and a peerless smoking experience. Next time you're looking to celebrate or simply elevate your cannabis journey, remember the grandeur of cannagars awaits you.

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