WTF is a doughnut?

Shane Fame Alexander
WTF is a doughnut?

What exactly Is a doughnut joint, and why are they poppin’?

A doughnut joint, which is also referred to as a hash hole, is essentially a joint with a carefully placed and wrapped hash snake in the centre, surrounded entirely by flowers. The hash-filled joint burns like an ash doughnut and hits like a monster, with the hash evaporating into oil and seeping into the flower as it burns, creating a hole in the middle of the joint as it goes. Take your time with each attempt because it obviously takes some concentration to make and can become sticky.

Let’s try rolling one up 

  • Get a crutch ready. To create a thick filter tip, you can either buy them or make a couple of them out of any cardboard object.
  • Your marijuana should be finely ground. Not too much, as you don't want to impede future airflow.
  • Make sure that one rolling paper is completely flat before placing it on a tray. Create a thin, flat layer on it with the other half of the ground weed.
  • Take about a tea tablespoon's worth of the selected concentrate.
  • Make a "snake" out of the concentrate by shaping it like you would with clay. Depending on how soft the concentrate is, roll it on the palm of your hand using two fingers while gently applying pressure.
  • You should have a snake that is about an inch long. Place it in the centre of your roll, 1 to 1.5 inches below the top.
  • By holding the rolling paper by the corners, you can prevent the weed from covering the concentrate and causing it to spill out. Pour the remaining product that you had previously saved. 
  • Start rolling the joint gently and lightly so as not to crush the concentrate or destroy its cylindrical shape.
  • Tap the roll gently and pack it down for the finishing touches.
  • See how the donut looks as the concentrate melts by lighting the joint. Before you see the results, you probably need to let it burn a couple of times.

Doughnuts are a hit in America 

They were first introduced to the legal market over the past two years by smokers who had way more stash than they knew what to do with. They quickly gained popularity among people looking to get knocked out. The fact that they are the byproducts of extreme excess means they are not suitable for everyone, but that hasn't stopped the new kids from being way too harsh on 'em. These are most likely the highest level smoke in the game right now, frequently rolled with an eighth of flower and an entire gram of rosin. 

While the hash holes are super popular stateside, there are no legitimate producers of donut pre-rolls in Canada, as there are in the United States. However, if you would like to try these huge whoppers, we recommend having a homie along for the ride. 

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