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Cann Social Tonic - Lemon Lavender

Cann Social Tonic - Lemon Lavender | 9044 4 Pack

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Smooth and unexpected, Lemon Lavender is a fan favorite. Refreshing and not too sweet, it’ll definitely steal the spotlight.

CBD 16.0 mg

THC 8.0 mg

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Our Lemon Lavender tonic blends bubbly citrus with an herbal twist and infuses it with 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD. We source only not-from-concentrate lemon juice from Italy, and our organic agave syrup from a farm in Mexico. Our bright lavender flavour is all-natural. Lemon Lavender will definitely steal the spotlight. An unexpected icon, Lemon Lavender is refreshing and not too sweet.

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