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Canna Squarz - Peanut Butter - Hybrid - 1 Pack | 1 Pack

Canna Squarz - Peanut Butter - Hybrid - 1 Pack | 1 Pack

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Our Peanut butter is smooth, not crunchy with 10 mg of full spectrum THC. We have created an exact replica of your favourite peanut butter treat.

CBD 0.0 mg

THC 10.0 mg

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Canna Squarz peanut butter is the answer for the peanut butter chocolate lovers out there. As we were able to replicate the wildly popular peanut butter confectionery treat that has taken over North American culture. With a familiar taste and texture, our version will be sure to please the senses. Full spectrum extracts are full of minor cannabinoids and terpenes. We pack 10 mg of our customized blend of THC extract into each Canna Squarz chocolate, making this our best selling flavour.

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