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CELEBRITY - Dirk Jiggler | 3.5g

CELEBRITY - Dirk Jiggler | 3.5g

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This balanced hybrid features sweet berry and herbal notes of strawberry cream soda and spicy peppermint.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 35.0 %

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Dirk Jiggler, bred by Exotic Genetix, is a balanced hybrid with a unique terpene profile and a high THC potency. This phenotype pairs two harmonious strains: Red Pop and Gelato. Dirk Jiggler has a fruity strawberry cream soda aroma with earthy undertones, followed by distinct flavours of berries and spicy peppermint. This strain delivers sticky dense buds covered with trichomes and frosty purple leaves. CELEBRITY is a brand that delivers high quality indoor grown, hang dried, hand trimmed and slow cured cannabis. CELEBRITY is dedicated to pheno-hunting proven and rare strains from reputable breeders to provide consumers with an exclusive selection.

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3.5 g