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Daily Special - Orange CKS 510 Thread Cartridge | 1g

Daily Special - Orange CKS 510 Thread Cartridge | 1g

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Orange CKS 510 Vape is a high-THC vape cartridge for a low price – with citrus and fruity notes from Agent Orange x GSC.

CBD 3.0 %

THC 83.5 %

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Product Details

Orange CKS 510 Vape by Daily Special is a high-THC vape cartridge with 80% THC, for a low price. Bred from Agent Orange and GSC, this flavourful vape delivers strong and sweet notes of citrus and fruit. Orange CKS 510 Vape comes in large, 1.0-gram sizes, which allows for a longer-lasting vaping experience with approximately 300 draws, depending on the individual user.

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4.0 g





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    Mood enhancement, Digestion, Immune Function

    Limonene is commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges. It is known for its refreshing, citrusy aroma and flavour.

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  • Myrcene

    Sleep, Inflammation, Anxiety

    Sweet, earthy, and spicy notes. Aids in sleep, inflammation, and anxiety.

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