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Delta 9 Cannabis - CBD Skunk Haze | 3.5g

Delta 9 Cannabis - CBD Skunk Haze | 3.5g

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Deep forest green in colour with dark green undertones. Orange and brown pistils. Dense, medium-sized buds. Herbal scent, with floral undernotes.

CBD 8.0 %

THC 6.0 %

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One of Delta 9's more mellow strain offerings, CBD Skunk Haze is a deep forest green with a dark green undertone and tight trim. Flashes of orange and brown pistils decorate these beautiful buds with milky amber trichomes sprinkled throughout the surface. It has firm, dense, medium-sized buds that carry a soft herbal scent with some light floral notes. Once ground up the bud smells sweet, similar to herbal tea.

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3.5 g