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Full Sesh - Bamboo Honey | 3.5g

Full Sesh - Bamboo Honey | 3.5g

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Crafted for its world-renowned flavour. The sweet taste of honey combined with grape and berry aromas deliver a unique and balanced terpene profile.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 29.0 %

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Bamboo Honey is a delightful strain crafted for its exceptional taste and packed with a world-renowned flavour that everyone enjoys. The sweet and sugary taste of honey combined with sweet grapes is creatively bred through the crossing of Do-Si-Dos, Platinum Cookies, and Purple Punch together. This genetic lineage produces a terpene profile and potency that is as strong and sweet as the name itself. These dense buds are magnificently covered in a glistening layer of frosted trichomes that makes it look as beautiful as it tastes.

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3.5 g