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Jenn's OG - Lost Cause | 3.5g

Jenn's OG - Lost Cause | 3.5g

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A sativa-dominant flower with an ancient-dwarfed bonsai tree look, dense, green buds with large, robust, crusty calyx and a coat of trichome resin.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 24.0 %

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Lost Cause is a sativa-dominant gem found at the intersection of Amnesia Haze x Do-Si-Dos. Both the studied precision of that phenohunt and its visually attractive flower are reminiscent of sculpted, ancient bonsai trees – dense and tightly-woven green buds with large, robust crusty calyx embraced with a coating of sticky trichome resin. The rare terpinolene leads a harmonically-peaceful multidimensional terpene profile featuring sweet berry, minty and lemony aromas and flavours amplified by piney and dark earthy undertones. A floral, herbaceous and citrusy journey is directed onward with the additional presence of caryophyllene (found in pepper and cinnamon) and myrcene (mangoes and hops).

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3.5 g