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Joints - Joints - Sunrise Surprise 510 Thread Cartridge | 1g

Joints - Joints - Sunrise Surprise 510 Thread Cartridge | 1g

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This surprising minor-cannabinoid-rich blend is like a ray of sunshine.

CBD 47.5 %

THC 16.0 %

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Joints Sunrise Surprise is the perfect solution for those that are looking to consume CBD and minor cannabinoids in a ready-to-use format with a discreet profile. We’ve added a scrumptious tropical flavour with notes of coconut and pineapple, providing a unique flavour experience, while incorporating only minor cannabinoid-rich extracts to achieve a product with a bit of a twist. Made with Mother liquor — the residual extract resulting from the process of making CBD isolate — this product includes a broad spectrum of rarer cannabinoids, including CBG and CBC.

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