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Port North - Lemon Z Aged Temple Ball | 1g

Port North - Lemon Z Aged Temple Ball | 1g

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100% solventless extract. Premium, full spectrum, strain-specific ice water hash melted down and rolled by hand.

CBD 0.5 mg

THC 68.0 mg

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100% solventless extract. An old school solventless technique. We use ice and water to gently remove the trichome heads, and organize them by size. After collection and drying we include the trichome sizes between 45u - 159u. We use very little heat and pressure (110F-120F and 5psi) to bind the heads into a single homogeneous form. We then hand roll each 1g temple ball. This product can be broken up and mixed into joints and bowls or smoked in hash pipes, chillums and healthstones. Made with premium indoor, hand-trimmed material that was grown, harvested, hang dried and cured to its full potential. Smooth smoke, and rich flavour.

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