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Royal City Cannabis Co. - RC Craft Consortium – 7Green TF Island Pink Kush | 3.5g

Royal City Cannabis Co. - RC Craft Consortium – 7Green TF Island Pink Kush | 3.5g

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Royal City introduces Tom Ford Island Pink by Craft Consortium Partner, 7Green. This an indica hybrid with a robust spicy gas & anise aroma.

CBD 1.0 %

THC 26.0 %

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We are proud to introduce 7Green as our inaugural Royal City Craft Consortium partner, given their commitment to quality, elite genetics and passion for craft cultivation, harvest and handling methods. 7Green’s Tom Ford Island Pink is an indica dominant hybrid with a very robust spicy gas and anise aroma. The Tom Ford Island Pink is grown indoor to maturity, hang dried, hand bucked and hand trimmed to ensure high grade flowers for RC customers. The flowers are packaged by hand with a humidity pack to preserve our desired moisture content. The Tom Ford Island Pink comes from an exciting Death Bubba x Island Pink Kush cross and expresses an earthy sweetness (caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene) with strong gas anise spiciness (cedrene, humulene, bisabolol). Royal City Cannabis Co. is proud to partner with passionate craft growers like 7Green to keep bringing exciting craft flower to Ontario. Our roots run deep, and our standards are high.

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3.5 g





  • Caryophyllene

    Anti-anxiety, Sleep, Euphoria

    Present in black pepper, oregano, basil and many other herbs and spices.

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  • Myrcene

    Sleep, Inflammation, Anxiety

    Sweet, earthy, and spicy notes. Aids in sleep, inflammation, and anxiety.

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