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Shatterizer - Bubbler Concentrate Vaporizer | Black

Shatterizer - Bubbler Concentrate Vaporizer | Black

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The BUBBLER by Shatterizer is a two-in-one “portable/desktop” extract vaporizer with the perfect water feature, larger battery and protective case.

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The BUBBLER combines the original, distinct and loved Shatterizer vaporizer characteristics, recreated with advanced tech and an innovative water feature attachment. Its specialty filtration system maximizes bubbles, increases airflow and reduces vapour temperature! The BUBBLER is enhanced with NEW bright up lighting and upgraded battery functions. It’s easy to use, fill and clean, and is powerful, reliable and enjoyable. Comes partially charged in a protective, discreet, all-inclusive travelling case with: BUBBLER Water Feature Attachment, Shatterizer Base, Shatterizer Original Borosilicate Glass Globe Top, BUBBLER Battery with up lighting and atomizer base (510 thread), Shatterizer Quartz Triple Coil (QTC) with coil cap, Shatterizer Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) with coil cap, BUBBLER Magnetic Silicone Lined Storage Container with Divider, Double-sided and Engraved Dab Tool, Micro-USB Charging Cord, BUBBLER Booklet including Guide, QR APP Code, Customer Service & Warranty Information.