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Sitka Micro Collection - Animal Sorbet | 3.5g

Sitka Micro Collection - Animal Sorbet | 3.5g

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Animal Sorbet is an indica dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing Animal Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It has hints of spice and sour citrus.

CBD 2.0 %

THC 29.0 %

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Everything micro producer Quadessence touches turns into a delectable treat and Animal Sorbet is no different. The curing is perfected, creating a nose that will blow your mind and make you want to keep the pouch open all day long. The aromas have a sweetness with gas and cream on the nose, plus a hint of spicy, sour citrus. Flavours include nutty cookies with a floral undertone. Each Pouch is hand-filled to ensure the quality of the flower is preserved and you get the flower you have waited for all day.

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3.5 g