Black-Owned Canadian Cannabis Producers


The Canadian cannabis industry clearly has its flaws, and equal representation is proving to be one of them. According to a recent report by the University of Toronto in collaboration with the Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation, only 1% of black people hold senior leadership roles in the Canadian cannabis industry. 

With February being Black History Month Kindling wanted to take the opportunity to highlight black-owned Canadian cannabis businesses. These 4 licenced producers are proving that regardless of the systemic obstacles they may face, they're here to change the course of the industry. 


Steven Conville, Owner and Founder of Black-Owned Canadian Cannabis Company "Kronic Relief" Steven Conville, Owner and Founder of Kronic Relief[/caption]

Kronic Relief:

From legacy to legal, Khronic Relief is bringing craft cannabis products to Canadian consumers. With 9 years of experience, the company is led by meaningful brand beliefs: “cannabis is a medicine”, “cannabis is not a crime”, and “you value your money”. Who doesn't love a company that cares about its customers?

Founded and operated by Steven Conville, a successful businessman in the financial markets, we wouldn't be surprised if this company completely blows up and dominates the market. 

Keenan Pascal, Owner and Founder of Black-Owned Canadian Cannabis Company "Token Naturals" Keenan Pascal, Owner and Founder of Token Naturals[/caption]

Token Naturals:

Located in Edmonton, Token Naturals is a producer that focuses on extraction and manufacturing cannabis products for their private label as well as other brands. Owned by Keenan Pascal, the founder of Token Bitters, this business brings the expertise gained from the alcohol market into the cannabis market. 

Not only is Token black-owned, but it is also minority-led and majority owned by shareholders who identify as visible minorities and/or women.

Ashley and Michael Athill, Owners and Founders of Black-Owned Canadian Cannabis Company "HRVSTR" Ashley and Michael Athill, Owners and Founders of HRVSTR[/caption]


Owned by a brother & sister duo, HRVSTR is a black-family-owned and operated craft cannabis cultivation and processing facility. Ashley and Michael Athill reached the amazing accomplishment of being able to fully self-fund HRVSTR, a goal that all entrepreneurs strive to achieve. AS sole owners of the company, the siblings can translate their strong passion for cannabis into the company as they wish. 

Fun fact, HRVSTR is local to Ontario’s Durham region and is the first ever 100% black-owned federally licensed cannabis manufacturer in all of North America.

Al Harrington, Founder and Owner of Black-Owned Canadian Cannabis Company "Viola" Al Harrington, Founder and Owner of Viola[/caption]


While a black Canadian doesn’t own this company, we have to show love to our friends down south. Owned and founded by NBA legend Al Harington, we couldn’t leave this off of our list. 

Originally starting in Colorado and launching into the markets of California, Oregon, and Michigan Viola ventured into the Canadian cannabis market in 2021. This expansion makes Viola the first-ever black-owned multinational cannabis business.

Viola has also worked towards making change across the U.S. with their focus on ensuring social equity and BIPOC involvement in regulated cannabis markets through their “Viola Cares” nonprofit organization.

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