Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Errlectric Dave

Lex Harrison
Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Errlectric Dave

Dave Ro AKA Errlectric Dave, a professional Glass Blower based in Inverary, Ontario has been specializing in glass blowing since 2015.

His journey began when he purchased a full glass studio for his wife, with a secret desire to pursue his passion for glass artistry which led him to experiment with creating intricate glass skulls. With 30+ years of experience with cannabis consumption, Dave was inspired to make functional glass pieces for the cannabis industry, going beyond decorative items. 

Errlectric Dave

His creative process involves attentive planning and sketching, followed by constructing individual components and creating numerous prototypes to ensure optimal functionality.

The performance of his work is crucial to Ro, afterall, his main purpose is to create the ultimate smoking experience. Only when he is fully satisfied with how the piece functions does he shift his focus to form and visual appeal. The entire process can take up to a year before the piece is ready for launch. Despite the dedication and patience required, Ro finds the final result to be worth the time and effort.

Dave’s evolution in the cannabis industry has been marked by his commitment to honing his craft as a glass artist,

He recalls making around 2000 skulls before creating his first bong. Through his determination and passion for pushing the boundaries of glass artistry, Dave has continued to advance and enlarge his creative horizons. He stays up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the cannabis industry, regularly engaging with like-minded individuals and participating in smoke sessions and discussions. This ensures that his glass pieces remain relevant to the advancing needs of the cannabis community.


One of Dave’s exciting collaborations is with Cannara,

to create a Nugz version of the Happle, a revolutionary glass piece that has transformed the way hash is consumed. The distinctive design of the Happle allows for a pure hash smoke that delivers maximum flavor, without the need to add flower or tobacco. Dave wants to eliminate the use of plastic bottles for hash consumption as it is harmful and ruins the taste and overall encounter. He hopes that more people enjoy the flavorful experience using cleaner methods that the Happle provides.


Find the Happle here!



Ro is also known for his innovative "Bongrippen" style of bong,

featuring a hollow foot and a skull diffuser that creates a hypnotic display of smoke bubbling out of the eye sockets. He has also created a one-page instruction guide for proper usage of a bong, the first of its kind, which has helped many users amplify their smoking experience.

Dave emphasizes greatly on the importance of patience for those looking to start a career in glassblowing for cannabis.

He highlights that working with molten glass requires time, practice, and precision. With commitment and consistency, one can gradually prosper and obtain the skills needed to create remarkable glass pieces. 

Dave Ro’s current plans for 2024 are in the works.

While currently being in the stages of development, he eagerly looks forward to sharing more information after his plans become finalized. His passion for glass artistry and ability to be innovative will definitely make Dave’s upcoming projects highly anticipated by the cannabis community. Stay tuned for updates on his latest designs and collaborations.

If you are looking to contact Dave Ro for business purposes, you can visit his website:, or contact him through social media via Instagram: @errlectric_dave / @errlectic_canada or Facebook: Dave Ro-Peiris. For more information on the Happle and Dave’s collabs, visit @nugz_canada on Instagram.

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