Last call for alcohol. All you need to know about replacing alcohol with cannabis

Shane Fame Alexander
Last call for alcohol. All you need to know about replacing alcohol with cannabis

 Congrats on wanting to quit alcohol. So, now what?

 If you’re reading this and trying to get off the devil’s juice, good on you. We’re proud of you. It’s hard, I know, but it’s super impressive that you’re attempting to go alcohol-free. Now, it’s time to find an alternative because we all need a vice in our lives. Weed might be it.

 Here, we’ll give you the rundown on all you need to know about replacing alcohol with cannabis.

Before we go anywhere, we must make a distinction between those who want to cut back on their alcohol consumption and those who have alcoholism, a condition of psychological or physical dependency. For those who are addicted to alcohol, proper treatment is essential, not just a reduction in consumption. 

 Alcohol withdrawal, if not done under medical supervision, can be fatal.

 These benefits and drawbacks, therefore, apply to those who are not alcohol, cannabis, or other drug dependent.

Cannabis has benefits over Alcohol.

Here are a few:

Potential Health Advantages

Mice's consumption of alcohol is shown to be decreased by the cannabis terpene beta-caryophyllene. The anti-inflammatory properties of beta-caryophyllene, like those of CBD, have been demonstrated to aid in the healing and protection of a liver that has been injured, a condition frequently linked to alcoholism.

 More affordable

In states where cultivation is permitted, you can grow cannabis quickly. On the other hand, producing alcohol at home is pricey, challenging, and occasionally risky. A bottle of premium liquor is typically more expensive than a good-quality cannabis product from a licensed dispensary. Unlike alcohol, medical marijuana is not usually subject to taxation.

 Useful and Safer

Record number of people died from alcohol and drug use during the pandemic: Cannabis, on the other hand, counts for zero annual fatalities. Cannabis has a super low potential for overdosing, and it has never been directly associated with death. 

You can die from binge drinking five minutes after being exposed to alcohol, according to Dr. Ruben Baler, a health scientist at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Marijuana, you’re pretty much safe.

Heavy drinking has been associated with a number of grave diseases, such as liver failure. One of the most avoidable risk factors for cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, is alcohol consumption. While on the other hand, cannabis has been proven in numerous studies to possess anti-cancer properties and to be an additional treatment for those who have cancer.

 The disadvantages of choosing cannabis over alcohol 

 In most social settings, drinking wine is acceptable, but smoking a blunt is definitely not. While cannabis is still considered taboo, alcohol is a common component of celebrations across many cultures. 

People over 21 are able to legally consume alcohol in the US. But where it is prohibited, using recreational cannabis can result in severe penalties. It is still illegal in the majority of states.

 Mocktail up your life with non-alcoholic soda, IPA and a Keef 

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Now that we know about the pros and cons, we need to set you up with cannabis-friendly drinks to help you feel comfortable at the party. Be it beer, wine, or low-sugar beverages, these drinks are all infused with cannabis and will keep you enjoying your new alcohol-free life.

The mocktail game has certainly picked up, and companies have now incorporated cannabis into their recipes. As a new non-drinker, mocktails would be a perfect pairing, as these drinks have come very close to tasting like an actual alcoholic beverage.



Delicious fruit flavours are combined with just the right amount of sweetness and carbonation in Vacay Tropical Sodas.  They give off zero taste or smell of cannabis, each one is made using SRSSE, which is a cannabis emulsion technology. 

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SNDL Inc. (@sndl_inc) / Twitter 

If a beer was your poison, then maybe we should introduce you to these fellows. When craft beer enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs cross paths, they create Bedfellows Liquid Arts. Their IPA is a carefully crafted beverage with 10mg THC + 2mg CBD.

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Bedfellows Cannabis Beverage Brand & Package — INSITE

Then we have Erik who created the first batch of Keef Cola. He served a prototype to his Grandma Dee after being inspired by the idea of fusing cannabis magic and joy with the enjoyable, social, and celebratory experience of drinking. Dee cracked open the bottle and drank. followed by another. She had never used weed in her life, so Erik knew he was on to something. 

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BevCanna Completes Commercial Production Run of Keef Cannabis-Infused  Beverages in Canada | Business Wire

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